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Thin Film Solutions

Thin Film Solutions

Consulting / Sampling / Prototyping
Thin Films - Products and Processes, Dichroic Dyes (click on for link), Sol-Gel, Liquid Crystals, Displays, Bioceramics, Highly Elastic Polymers (including optical grade),Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science, Hydrometallurgy

Anti-Reflecting Thin Film Coating: Calculated Curve.

Anti-Reflecting Thin Film Coating by Sol-Gel: Light Transmittance Measured Curve.

UV Blocking Thin Film Coating: Calculated Curve.

Dielectric (Thin Film) Mirror: Calculated (upper) Curve vs. Measured one Performed by Sol-Gel (lower).

Infra-Red (Heat) Reflective Thin Film Coating (calculated curves).

Visible Range of Lightwaves for above shown Infra-Red (Heat) Reflective Thin Film Coatings (calculated curves).

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display (PDLC): Measured Optical Performance - OFF (lower curve) vs. ON (upper)

As low as 20 Volts driving voltage is achievable for PDLC.
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Created: April 19, 2000